Friday, June 03, 2005

The Time for Action is Now!

This blog is dedicated to holding on to truth.

In striving to adhere to the path of truth, it sometimes becomes necessary for a person of conscience and conviction to actively challenge those who would obscure the truth under mountains of lies and deceit, even if those liars hold the highest positions of authority in our civil society. I say that the time for such a challenge is now at hand.

We, as members of the human race and as children of the Great Mystery that is All Life, can no longer sit on the sidelines, hoping that someone other than ourselves will come along and do what is necessary. You cannot be spectators in your spiritual journey. We are here to be active participants in this Life and in this battle and to do what Creator asks of us. God will only help those who help themselves.

We have indeed been born into perilous times. Times foretold in the Bible, among other places, that tell of a man who will sit at the head of the most powerful nation on Earth. And that this man will wage wars of aggression throughout the world, seeking to dominate the world militarily. The prophecies go on to say that the aggressors will use such fantastic weapons that the victims will turn to ash before falling to the ground. And that these events would continue for a number of years until the rest of the world rose up against the evil and this most powerful nation would fall and be completely destroyed. The worst part is that the people of this once great nation will believe the whole time that theirs is the righteous cause, for they will be deceived by the Beast. The Beast that is pretending to be the righteous warrior, here to save the nation from the Godless heathens, here to bring the nation back to the Church. And as prophesied, the majority of the people in the nation will believe the man and serve him all the way to the end, when it will be too late. And God appeared before him in the form of a burning Bush.

Now if you have not put the pieces together yourself, then I will explain to you why I say these things. Quite simply, George Walker Bush is this man of prophesy. He may not be the Beast, but he is controlled by the Beast. And the United States, the only superpower left in the world , is this nation that has been prophesied. This is about what we, as Children of God, must do now, in these last days of this age. How will we behave towards the Beast? Will we just hide with our MTV or shopping network?... or will we wallow in helplessness? Or, will we take the path of courage and fearlessness that Jesus of Nazareth most assuredly would be taking right now, and that is to cast the moneychangers from the temple and to resist with all of our might the fascism that has crept, nearly unnoticed, into our government and into our world.

We are outraged that some members of our government feel they can operate "above" Constitutional law with impunity. Several of our government officials are blatantly conducting themselves in a clearly illegal manner while apparently the rest of them stand idly by, ignoring their sworn duties to protect and defend our Constitution. This is only the latest in a long string of usurpations that are beginning to tear at the very foundation of law and order in our society. How can they expect to maintain civil obedience from the People when all the People see is illegal behavior coming from those entrusted to uphold the law?

Regardless of what you might have heard on Fox News, the facts are quite clear to any reasonably informed person that the Bush Regime is guilty of numerous heinous crimes, including the ordering of the killing of civilians... women and children... for psychological effect, in the supposed War on Terror. The government is constructing new "usable" nuclear weapons that they fully intend to fire upon people and nations that resist their demands for global domination. They are building prisons all over the world with which to hold , torture and kill those that oppose them. They have, or are constructing, fourteen military bases in Iraq alone. The fact is, the government has imperialist designs for the world, with them as the master, for reasons of wealth and power.

Aside from these internationally acknowledged atrocities, there is the unmistakably clear mandate from God that "Thou Shalt Not Kill". The Old Testament reference to "an eye for an eye" is really State sanctioned violence left over from Hebrew law and used by unworthy leaders to keep people fearful of State imposed laws. It has nothing to do with finding God or obeying God’s Law. Jesus clearly said to turn the other cheek and to love thine enemy. He even carried his belief in nonviolence to the end by allowing himself to be nailed upon the cross rather than resort to violence.

No, this is not about being liberal or conservative. This is not about siding with Republicans or Democrats. And this is not even about spreading democracy or fighting terrorism, although our democracy must be reclaimed, so that we may reassert our needs as human beings that are all sharing the same world. We must realign ourselves in a positive direction and fight on the side of goodness and truth as this age comes to a close and we enter the next. The One we call the Savior showed us by divine example the way we are to behave as human beings having a spiritual journey. The way to being one with Creation is about learning love, compassion and service for all the Creation, not just human beings and not just people within your own borders.

We the People recognize that a fascist growth has taken root in our Nation’s Halls like a cancer . We also recognize that there are voices of dissent in Congress and we are very thankful to those individuals that have tried to hold true to their oaths. However, we are also equally aware that there is much more that they should be doing. The People have a right to demand, yes demand, that our elected public servants conduct themselves in a manner befitting the position they are entrusted to hold. We demand that those in government be held accountable for the crimes they have committed and continue to commit. And do not offend our senses with arguments of there not being any evidence of misconduct. Do we need to remind our elected officials that they hold their positions by consent? The fact is our government only exists by virtue of our consent. We do this freely to ensure life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all.

If the People cannot trust those that have been elected to represent them, then the People must reserve the right to implement their "nuclear option", that is our absolute right to withdraw all our support from the government until our Petitions are answered to our satisfaction. I am talking about our Right to Petition for Redress of Grievances. An illegal, unconstitutional "act" of Congress long ago tried to quash this right and make it so the People would believe the right of Petition extended only so far as freedom of expression. This most important of our precious rights was specifically to give the People the power to prevent tyranny without resorting to violence. Research the words of our Founding Fathers for yourself and see. This right of Petition is OURS to reclaim and assert, including all rights to withhold, and we will have our rights and we WILL have our Petitions answered. We cannot allow our nation to slip back in history to our government’s earlier campaigns of repression and violence, such as has already been experienced by all people of color in this country and that is now being perpetrated upon the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Haiti, Columbia and elsewhere in Africa, South and Central America.

What will you tell your grandchildren when they ask why you stood by and did nothing the day the fascists took over the world? We the People of this country are the only ones who can do anything that will alter the course of destruction that has been set out for the rest of the world. We, alone, have the ability to stop the plans of the Bush administration before they inflict their "shock and awe" on any more innocents.

There are at least 55 million people in this country who did not vote for Bush. An exceedingly large percentage of those are fully aware of the level of criminal misconduct that occurred in the election and that continues to occur under the auspices of law. We cannot recognize George W. Bush as President and we must consider him to be illegally occupying the White House and stealing from the Treasury. We must demand the immediate impeachment and removal of George Walker Bush and his administration. We must demand the immediate implementation of a plan to withdraw all our troops from these illegal wars in the most expeditious timeframe possible. We must demand the government cease and desist their attempts to weaken and destroy our hard-won civil rights and environmental protections in this country.

Here, in the Land of the Free, We the People must not sit by and allow this man, George Walker Bush, to take our children, our futures, and send them off to their deaths in his conquest for empire. We must refuse the draft, which is closer than most people care to admit. We must establish regional People’s Assemblies that will be community-based and have the Right of Representation in our Congress, to ensure that the People are properly represented and that our Petitions are, in the future, well received and acted upon. We must pledge as Thomas Jefferson pledged that we "have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man."

To fight our battle, we must never use violence. We must use nonviolent action because it has the capacity to deliver us from this evil with the least suffering possible. The weapon of nonviolent action is more powerful than any military or police force. If our "leaders" are not willing to do that which the Constitution and common decency require of them, then the People will be forced to provide for their own posterity by withdrawing all their economic, social and political support from the government and those that serve them. We must organize boycotts, walk-outs and strikes. We must, in solidarity, stop all cooperation with authority and establish our People’s Assemblies as we see fit. We must stop allowing the fruits of our labor to be picked by those with hatred and murder in their hearts. Claim exempt on your tax withholding forms and do not allow the government to have any more funding. Instead our tax money must go to where it is needed by the People, for our children, our healthcare, our education and our elderly. And we must take care of our soldiers, our sons and daughters who have been injured and maimed, both physically and emotionally, by this madness of war. We must do whatever is necessary by means of nonviolent action to secure our Rights under the Constitution and our Rights as human beings.

I hope to use this forum to reach as many people as are willing to hear and discuss how this technique of nonviolent action has been tremendously successful in the past. We will also be able to discuss how with proper planning and strategy, we can utilize this ultimate weapon of nonviolent action to secure our futures for ourselves and our children to come. I urge everyone to take these things to task. Begin now by talking to your families, neighbors and co-workers. Talk about this with your religious leaders. Start putting the pressure on the politicians. Tell them straight out that we will not be silenced or deterred and that We the People will be heard!
The time for People's Freedom has come!
Rev. Paul Fisher
Universal Life Church