Monday, March 05, 2007

All People's Bulletin- Urgent Alert!!

***A.P.B. Alert***
All People's Bulletin
for Monday, March 5th, 2007

We have a very important alert today, and that is on the situation brewing in our government. It was reported on today's Democracy Now! that the judge in the case of the citizen suing the CIA for their illegal extraordinary rendition practices has thrown the case out citing national security privilege. As was also reported on Democracy Now!, this essentially makes every activity of the government immune to review and inspection by We the People.

Excuse me...I never gave up my popular sovereignty, have you?

I also hear from Amy Goodman on Democracy Now! that the government, OUR government, is holding 200 children in detention, some of them for a very long time, in a Texas jail converted to an immigration detention facility as well as another facility somewhere in Pennsylvania.
This is obscene to allow this to continue when the government works for us.
Folks, the ability for the people of this country to take action is going to come and go real quick here,
if We the People do not act now.
This is an emergency of global and potentially catastrophic proportions!
We cannot in good conscience sit by any longer!
I urge all people reading this to spread the word and to contact every one of their elected officials on the phone and give them an earful.
Here is a sample phone script you are welcome to use and change if you choose. Just be sure to be respectful, but firm. You are after all sovereign human beings.
Then follow up your phone calls with a letter to each one, again using the sample letter if you choose to.
Then my friends, let's get ready for action!
Nonviolent action that is.
If you have experience in nonviolent direct action, especially in training, please help out those around you that want to become involved. Start actions in your area. I am going to start an action here in Butte County, California. The action will be a nonviolent occupation utilizing as many people as will give it support.
I believe at this point I will focus on Congressman Wally Herger's office in Chico.
I am choosing my Congressperson first, because the House of Representatives is who we are supposed to go to in order to impeach the Bush Administration.
The spring district work period is from April 2nd to April 13th, which means he supposedly will be here in the district as opposed to being in the District of Corruption.
If you live in District 2 and you want to get involved, please contact the network.

Regardless of where you are, start a similar campaign in your area and connect with us here and we'll post your campaign information. There is strength in unity. We the People must act now!

This Occupation Campaign will be linked to on the Campaign for Freedom project page.
Please get involved!

We The People Network now online!

Announcing the start of new activist network, the We The People Network. We are online at This is definitely different that other sites. We emphasize action, not talk. It is time to take OUR country back! Please check us out and get involved. Check out the new show, The Freedom Report on Power to the People!