Monday, October 31, 2005

Sheep No More Media

I am a minister/organic farmer/rabble rouser/ filmmaking student studying to be a documentary filmmaker. Sheep No More Media is a not-for-profit media production company that I have started with the sole purpose of provoking public discourse on the fundamental issues of the Rights and Responsibilities of the people as they pertain to our relationship to our government and to our fellow global citizens. Government exists to serve the needs of people. When any government becomes contrary to that role, it is the responsibility of every person to challenge the government, abolish it if necessary, and to reclaim the authority for self-governance granted to all people under Natural Law. It is my assertion that such a condition now exists that demands the immediate response from all Americans. Never in history has the level of corruption in any single government been so pervasive as it is now with the government of the United States. There is overwhelming evidence of War Crimes that have been committed and continue to be committed by the Bush Administration. Elsewhere, in all levels of government, the Rights of the people are repeatedly being trampled upon. In nearly every city across America are complaints by the people over issues of police brutality, political corruption, racial oppression, class and race-based economic repression, and nearly every other abuse of authority that can be conceived to be committed against the people by the government. Revolution is the people's ultimate Right when the excercising of their other Rights fails to remedy a corrupt system. History has taught those who have opened their eyes that violence is never the solution to conflict. You do, however, have a moral obligation to come to the defense of others in imminent peril. Therefore, it is my further assertion that the time for Nonviolent Revolution is indeed upon us! This should take the form of massive strikes, boycotts and other methods of mass noncooperation. This is already beginning to happen all across America. There are numerous groups and individuals across the country who are organizing various aspects of what is now unfolding. I urge every American to get involved with one or more of the many groups that are doing the hard work. Somewhere on a street corner in your town is a group of individuals, perhaps a handful, maybe hundreds, that are holding the familiar signs. Maybe they have lit candles and are holding silent vigil. Stop what you are doing now and join them.
The Revolution begins with every one of us. It will be a difficult transformation, the likes of which most of us have never known. The people must reserve support, financial as well as civil, only for those individuals in government who have shown their commitment to the people and to their sworn oaths of office that require them to uphold and defend the Constitution of this country. Withdraw all your support from those who have shown impunity toward the Rights of the people. We can not cooperate with injustice. Sheep No More is a call for all those who refuse to be led blindly any longer. We can no longer be Sheep in how we deal with our government. We have declared our mission to be Sheep No More! I welcome the input of others, including other filmmakers, who wish to contribute material or energy to this cause. Peace through Nonviolent Justice.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Letter to my Rep! A Call for Revolutionary Action!

Mr. Herger,
With all respect, I must say that I am appalled at the level of criminal misconduct being perpetrated by our elected officials in both the federal and state governments. The Constitution requires specific action on your part Mr. Herger. What are you going to do? The people have begun to acknowledge their responsibility to the Constitution and to future generations by responding proactively. An independent War Crimes Commission is convening in New York as we speak and they will get to the bottom of the corruption. Indictments will be handed down to the people naming many Administration officials as well as complicit members of Congress. The people are fully justified and empowered by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of these united states to act on the findings of this Commission and to enforce the Commission's Judgement by whatever nonviolent means necessary. We do this without your permission, as no such permission is necessary. Further, the people do not authorize, nor will they stand by and allow our representatives in government to slash the budgets for aid to the poor in this country while at the same time sending desperately needed resources overseas to facilitate the further commission of War Crimes! Absolutely not! Mr Herger, let me make something absolutely clear. The government exists to serve the people, not the other way around. When they no longer serve the people, but instead serve themselves or others in government, or even worse, when they serve monied corporate interests, as is now the situation in our country, then the people are justified in demanding immediate change! We need not ask! We appropriately demand an immediate Redress of Grievances! In all truth, in order to preserve and defend our Constitution against all enemies, the people are empowered to use any means necessary to effect their safety, lives, liberty and happiness. End of discussion! For government to declare Martial Law on the people is Treason! For government to Militarize the Police forces against the people in this country and to impose Draconian laws upon the people is Treason! There exists right now in this country substantially more legitimate grounds for Revolution than there was in 1775. If the government continues it's defiance in effecting the Will of the people as it pertains to the requirement we have given you to immediately implement Impeachment proceedings against numerous members of the Administration as well as complicit members of Congress, then the people will be left with no recourse other than Revolution, which is our Right. The Constitution requires no less of us. The Constitution requires specific action on your part Mr. Herger. What are you going to do? We the people reserve all Rights!
Sincerely in Steadfast Resolution,
Reverend Paul Allen Fisher
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Paradise California
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