Friday, September 09, 2005

On the Edge of the Precipice!

These united states of America now stand on the edge of a very dangerous precipice. The actions or inactions that We the people engage with in the coming days WILL decide our futures, and our children's futures. Make no mistake...We the people are crossing the threshold of Historical and Biblical Proportions right now, right here!
To those of you out there in this country that are still "on the fence" as to the behavior of our government with their flagrant abuse of our Constitution in the Post 911 era, I say WAKE UP! GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE SAND! There is no excuse for ignorance, especially now in this so-called "Information Age" we live in.
And to those of you out there in this "Land of the Free, Home of the Brave" who still have not made up their minds whether it is "OK" to allow the government to conduct torture of foreign POW's and to order the shooting of innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan, I ask What in HELL makes you think that pretending "It's all OK" is going to get you make you safe, or that your indifference is going to keep you from the Hell of your own making?
And to those of you out there in this country who call themselves Christians, who claim the "moral high ground" and who see "terrorists" lurking everywhere that are "evil" and have to be smitten by our "Righteous and Godly Society of Benefactors for Humanity", I bow my head in sorrow, for you have fallen for the Great Lie. You have played right into the prophecy of Revelations and without realizing it, you have become the "masses" blindly following your false prophet, believing that yours is the righteous cause, to the very end, when you will be destroyed.
Your "leader", that is supposedly "chosen by God", directly ordered the murdering of civilians... mostly women, children and little babies for "psychological effect" in his "Shock and Awe" campaign. Jesus Christ would never bomb or kill or murder, for any reason. Any Christian that thinks already lost. Every member of the Bush Administration has committed felonious crimes, some individually in their pasts, and all since they were "elected".
And to those of you out there in this country that maybe don't believe in God, you should be the most concerned because according to your paradigm, the only way that you are going to be "saved" is for you to take action to save yourself.
The Pentagon has already admitted to having Martial Law plans in place just in case, you know, terrorists...Excuse me? The idea that OUR government of OUR supposed "free" society would even have this authority is offensive to the extreme. They do NOT have the authority!
The people of this country need to remember their own turbulent history and NOT hand over the keys to our future to common dictators! We...every one of us...We ALL have a very serious problem that We must deal with. It is OUR Responsibility and OUR Duty to ALL the people that have died in both our history and in our present. And that is... to Defend our Constitution above all else.
We HAVE the power, if only we would remember who We are and where We come from. We cannot allow the powerful corporate and wealthy elite in this country to dictate OUR future to us. We must come to the aid of the Katrina Refugees and We must ALL act to protect their interests from those that would so willingly see the good people of the Gulf Coast region cast aside for greed and power. We must act NOW!
Power to the people!
Rev. Paul Fisher

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